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Choosing a Financial Advisor could be one of the most important decisions you ever make. If you choose poorly, you could end up with an advisor that is unable to help you execute your financial plan. 


By choosing wisely, you could establish an important professional relationship for years to come.


We have listed a few topic areas to consider when making that choice:

Bryant Group Advisors 

We have been helping clients since 1998


Our fees are fully transparent & reasonable


We have no conflicts of interest


We have none, while other firms might


We relate on very personal levels with our clients


We treat your money as if it were our money


Always follow the money .. how your advisor is compensated can reveal whether he/she is biased towards certain investment products and strategies


Not all "advisors" are held to to the same standard. Some advisors only have adhere to "suitability" standards while other advisors must adhere to "fiduciary" standards.  Click here for more information between the two.  Bryant Group Advisors are fiduciaries.

Experience  -                                 


Fees -                                            


Conflict of interest -                      


Sales pressure/quotas -             


Relatable -                                     


Trust -                                           


Compensation -                            




Regulatory Hurdle                  


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