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Portfolio X-Ray




In this section, you will get a closer look at our investment portfolios.  Each of our clients will fall into one of these models.


Each model is characterized by a particular equity allocation (stock portion ) and  bond allocation. 


Each portfolio is designed to possess certain risk and return parameters.






Portfolio A

15% | 85% 




Best for:    investors who have a large nest egg saved already and are more concerned with preservation of capital.  This portfolio favors safety over growth. This portfolio is appropriate for senior investors who dont have a lot of years to make up for any big investing mistakes. This is the 'safest' of all of out portfolios.







Portfolio B

30% | 70%



Best for:    investors who have a slight bias for safety but want some additional exposure to equities for better growth prospects. This porfolio will perform better than Portfolio A with slightly more risk.







Portfolio C

60% | 40% 


Best for:    investors who want a bias for growth over safety.








Portfolio D

75% | 25% 



Best for:    investors who want maximum growth potential and are comfortable and have accepted the increased associated risk.  More appropriate for clients under age 55.



We manage these four portfolios for our clients on an ongoing basis. We are responsible for rebalancing the portfolios to counter style drift.

Now, let's take a look at our expertise in managing these investment portfolios.


Equity portion represented by S&P 500 Index (10.1%). Bond portion represented by Long Term Bond Index (7,6%). Both returns are compiled over a 50 year period (1965 - 2014) 

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