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Retirement RoadMap:




You have just learned from The Numbers page that there is a significant portion of the US population that has not prepared themselves for retirement and many don't even know how much they should be saving.

We have provided a simple worksheet that will walk you through

and give you an idea of how to prepare for your retirement.

We can work on this together or you can print this worksheet

out and follow the instructions below.

  • In Box A, add up all monthly household incomes ... after tax.


  • At bottom of Box A, write what you are able to afford to  save

     each month.


  • In Box B, determine what percent of your current income will

     you need at retirement to live comfortably. Can you live on

     half (50%) of todays income? Do you need more?


  • In Box C, input how many years you have left until retirement.


  • In Box D, determine what is Box B's future value, adjusted for 3% inflation at your future retirement date. This is what you will need per MONTH to live off of at retirement.


  • In Box E, account for any monthly income you will be receiving from a pension and/or from social security.


  • In Box F, subtract Box E from Box D, and this is what you need to make up each month at retirement.


  • In Box G, you have to determine what amount do you have to accumulate, that if invested in a bank account yielding 3%, would generate the number in Box F.


  • Now Boxes H, I and J have to help you get to the number in Box G.


  • In Box H, input what assets you have to start.


  • In Box I input the monthly savings amount you inputted in Box A.


  • In Box J, choose a rate of return .


  • Now with Box H, I and J, you can calculate if you are on track to save enough for retirement .. which is Box G.



Congratulations! You have just done what the great majority of American workers have not done ... estimate your future retirement needs.



You have done the first part, now its time for the next step ... come in and open up a retirement account and let us do our part.

Now lets take a look at how we will manage your retirement account.


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