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Covid 19 Update:



There is obvious and expected anxiety for investors about the stock markets.  Many of my clients have a substantial portion of their life savings in their retirement accounts.

Some of my clients have lived through the Crash of 1987, the Internet Bubble Crash of 1999 and the Mortgage Crash of 2008.


This one feels different. More unsettling. But the advice remains the same.  For clients that are over 65 and have substantial assets invested, their portfolios were already being managed conservatively.

For younger clients, who have at least a decade left until retirement, there is no rational reason to panic.  For these clients, the real challenge/opportunity will be how to benefit from the market rebound WHEN it happens.



If you do need to withdraw funds from your account, do not hesitate to contact me.  For retirement accounts, please download this form, sign and return to me. Then we can discuss the next steps by phone.


Our offices are located in the heart of pandemic epicenter. In the event I cannot access my office and will be working from home, do not mail any documents to the office. Either send documents via email or I can give you my home address to mail documents to.

If you want to discuss anything you can always call me on office or cell, or I can set up a Zoom conference call.


Wealth is important, but it's nothing without health.


May we all be healthy and then wealthy.

Dale Bryant



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